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Family on the Beach

Silhouetted kids at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA.

Hide and Sleep

Son falling asleep under a desk after arriving at our family’s house after 13 hour plane ride from Europe.

Cactus Capture

Garden gnome capturing a runaway cactus

No Fish Today

Weathered wooden carving of a fisherman by the piers off the Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

Swing Away

Garden gnome swinging away in the garden.

Forever Sky

Image capture over a roof towards the calm skies of Northern California.

Loving Relationship

Through sickness and health, Garden gnome partners portrait

Trying to get down

Garden gnome trying to get down out of a flower pot.

Can’t Stop Smiling

Porcelain creature statue can stop smiling.

I’ll have the Pinot Noir

Mother ordering from a restaurant.